Black Milk
Mi Vida
Director: Norbert ter Hall
Cast: Loes Luca, Elvira Mínguez , Fermi Reixach, Loïc Bellemans, Anniek Pheifer
Writer: Roos Ouwehand
Producers: Phanta Film (NL), All Go Movies SL (E)
Genre: Drama
Origin: The Netherlands, Spain
Language: Spanish, Dutch, English
Length: 90 min.
Year: 2019
Mi Vida

Recently retired hairdresser Lou decides it is time to make a longtime dream come true. She sold her hair salon and is off to Spain to learn the language. Inspired by a new sense of freedom and encouraged by her teacher and new friend Andrea, she decides to permanently move to the seaside town of Cádiz. Just when Lou begins to believe that this new adventure is within her reach, her pregnant daughter Barbara shows up unannounced…

World premiere São Paulo Film Festival 2019
Official selection Santa Barbara Film Festival 2020

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